As silky and sumptuous as Lady Godiva’s tresses. This 31% cocoa content Milk Chocolate Tablet is scored into ten delectable pieces, each one offering notes of fresh cream and caramel. Pure bliss.

This world-renowned chocolatier was established by Joseph Draps in Brussels almost a century ago. Named in honour of the legendary Lady Godiva, who rode through the streets of Coventry covered only by her flowing locks so that her husband would remit the high taxation he had placed on the locals. All but one of the townsfolk closed their eyes and shutters as her horse carried her naked through the city; that one who sneaked a glimpse gave rise to the term “Peeping Tom”. And the chocolates that Godiva produce are well worth looking at. Belgium is the spiritual home of luxury chocolate and Godiva has earned its place in the pantheon of greats. 


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