A special fruity aroma rich Chocolate-Création. The contrast of fruity Pink Grapefruit and dark Excellence Chocolate guarantees a tasteful experience of an exceptional art


 Energy  2128 kJ / 510 kcal
 Fat  29 g 
 - saturated fat  18 g 
Carbohydrate  53 g 
 - sugars  51 g 
 Protein  5.5 g 
 Salt   0.09 g 

Dark Swiss Chocolate with Pink Grapefruit
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa mass, Grapefruit preparation 12% (pink grapefruit juice 43%, apple, sugar, fructose sirup, rice flour, cocoa butter, aroma, pectin, lemon concentrate), cocoa butter, clarified butter, soja lecithin, aroma.
Contains milk, nuts, almonds and other peel fruits.
Dark chocolate contains: min. cocoa 48%
Produced in Switzerland by: Lindt & Sprüngli (Schweiz) AG, CH-8802 Kilchberg

Lindt EXCELLENCE Pink Grapefruit

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