• Assortment of milk chocolate and rice crispy favors decorated with lovely baby girl motifs
  • This baby girl gift contains 0.59lbs chocolate favors.
  • The little Patchi baby and other accessories make this chocolate gift even more adorable.
  • Our baby chocolate gift, new born chocolate hospital boxes, newborn favors and baby souvenirs are perfect for baby showers and newborn celebrations.
  • The temperature of your package is highly monitored by our shipping system. We promise to deliver it with good condition.

Chocolate (Cocoa Butter; Full Milk Powder; Sugar; Cocoa Mass; Skimmed Milk Powder; Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin; E322); Flavoring (Vanillin); Nuts (Almonds; Hazelnuts; Pistachios; Walnuts); Peanuts; Dried Fruits (Raisins; Orange; Strawberry; Dates; Apricot); Butter Biscuit; Amaretto Biscuit; Cereal Biscuit; Hazelnut And Dark Wafer; Crispy Crepe; Crisped Rice; Coffee Beans; Caramel (Fresh Cream; Glucose; Sugar); Speculoos Cream; Croquant. This Product Contains Milk; Soya; Gluten From Wheat And Barley; Nuts (Hazelnuts; Almonds; Pistachios; Walnuts) And Peanuts. It May Contain Traces Of Sesame And Eggs

Patchi Baby 400g

SKU: w-pat-1674