Description: dark (content of cacao products 56%), milk (content of cacao products 36%), white (content of cacao products 31%), caramel (content of cacao products 26%), white chocolate with strawberry flavour, white chocolate with pineapple flavour aerated chocolate.

Shelf life: 12 months. Keep at (18 ± 3) C and relative humidity not above 75%.

Weight: 1 piece (80 g / 2.82 oz) per lot.

Delicious sweets from Ukrainian manufacturer Roshen (old name: factory of Karl Marx). The factory was founded in 1874 year and has a very long and interesting history in the production of candies, cakes, cookies and so on. Roshen sweets are very popular in Ukraine and CIS countries.

It is a good gift for you, your children and your relatives who love delicious chocolate. You have to taste the quality of our sweets :) These sweets give the enjoyment of the real tastes of chocolate and candies with various types of fillings. We also sell other types of sweets and chocolate with different flavors and a wide variety of fillings. Please see our other items


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